Non Lucrative Residency

What is it?

The non-lucrative residency program allows you to live in Spain without giving you the right to work in Spain.

How long does it take to process?

The process takes 2 to 3 months from the day all the necessary documents are presented at the local spanish consulate.

What are the governing regulations?

The procedures and conditions for issuing these residency permits are set out in Organic Law 4/2000 of January 11th (Articles 30 bis and 31) and in its implementing regulation, approved by Royal Decree 557/2011 of april 20th (Articles 45 to 49).

What are the main requirements?

The applicant must show:

  • that s/he has the financial ressources to live in Spain without needing to work
  • that s/he does not have any criminal record
  • that s/he does not present a danger to the health of the general public
  • that s/he has medical insurance in Spain and appropriate accomodation.

Can I include my children? Do I need to buy real estate?

Children under the age of 25 can be included in your application as long as they are economically dependent on you.
Under this program, you do not need to buy real estate.

Will I be able to gain the spanish citizenship?

Yes. After 10 years of continuous residency, you will be allowed to apply for the spanish citizenship.